Our products and services is being used by a variety of different online stores with different types and numbers of the products. Quite often, we meet clients who need to launch a store with 50-100K of products and provide up to 2 seconds load speed for all pages at a low cost of hosting. So in this post we will research how many products can WooCommerce handle. We wondered if a WooCommerce online store could withstand such large catalogs with a sufficient user load and conducted our own research, which we are happy to share with you. First of all, we decided to search such cases on the official WooCommerce site and among the shop owners, but did not find a clear answer. The official documentation does not provide a clear answer to this question too; it only says it depends on: Hosting server & company; Amount of orders; Traffic. Preparing for the testing Since we have worked with the large stores and know what factors may have impact on the load speed, for the research we have defined a few pages, which may potentially become bottlenecks: Home page; Product catalog; Individual product page. Also, the load speed is influenced by the presence of products attributes, the presence
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