How Releasing a Simple NPM Module Has Saved Me Hours of Time I’m James. I’m a WooCommerce plugin developer. I’ve released a number of popular WooCommerce plugins under the brand “Iconic”. At the time of writing, I have 9 premium plugins, 4 free plugins, and an endless number of “in-progress” plugins. As you can imagine, all of these plugins follow a similar structure; and most importantly (for this article) they all run Gulp. I use Gulp for a number of things in my plugin development process. Its most basic tasks compile my sass, and minify and combine my javascript files. I have also written some more complex tasks which compile my final plugin into a deployable zip file, upload said zip to my server via FTP, and move my Composer dependancies into a better/more lean folder structure. Once the plugin is ready to be deployed, I would log in to Freemius (the fantastic service I use to deliver my plugins and manage payments), then manually upload the compiled zip. While this process isn’t too cumbersome, it does take a little bit of time. And when you times that by 9, it becomes a much bigger task. It was clear to me that my problem was twofold;
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