Today I am going to show you how you can set up a WordPress website from scratch. And you won’t believe how easy it is to do. We will go step by step. In order to get started, we will need 4 things: Domain – Domain is the name of the site which you type in the browser address bar. “” is the domain of this site. Hosting – Hosting is the “home” of your site where it will “stay”. Its usually a server at a web hosting company. WordPress – WordPress is the “software” that will power your website. Design & Themes – To make your site attractive design-wise you will need to install WordPress themes. To learn about various jargons of website and webhosting, click here. Disclosure – I receive referral fees from companies including the ones I am mentioning in this article. My recommendations are based on my experience as independent paying customer. I have reviewed most of them on my website. There are two ways you can buy domains and hosting: You buy domains and hosting from the same web host Or you buy both separately If you ask me, I would recommend going for Option 2 (buying separately)
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