With internet, the world is smaller than ever. But taking advantage of that still is a challenge. Yes you can easily talk to foreign people, drive traffic on your website from foreign countries, and translate your website with a tool like Weglot. But increasing your returning visitors, your subscribers, or your customers (depends on who you are and your main KPI) is more than just driving traffic. It is about creating value to your new targeted audience. And to do so, you could need more than an English website. Who are you? Internationalizing your website will be different if you are an ecommerce, a SaaS, a blog etc…In fact, the key factor to study here is whether you could target the whole Internet Nation at first, or if your website had to start by targeting a local audience. If you are: A Blog In this case, it is pretty easy to internationalize your website if you are an English-speaker, or if you know the language of your foreign target audience. If you are willing to invest in professional translation, it will be even easier. The only two challenges you will face are translating your website and adapting your content to your foreign audience. Translating your website could
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