Interlinking your WordPress blogs is a great medium to retain blog engagement and increase viewership. Interlinking will not only assist you in sharing your blog but will also make your blog one step closer to the top spot in the search engine result pages. Search engines need to index and crawl your blog to rank it appropriately. Interlinking the published content helps the search engines to crawl and index efficiently. Relevant page linking will assist in decreasing the bounce rate, allowing your website in getting more views. How do you interlink the blog posts? The manual method that almost every blogger uses is when they draft a new piece of content, they manually search for related content and hyperlink it, with additional parameters whether the link should be dofollow or nofollow, and if the interlinked blog post/s should open in the same browser or a new browser tab. All this takes a lot of time and the manual method isn’t recommended if your blog publishes tons of content daily. You can opt for the automatic methods. Here are some of the tools to link new blog content with older blog posts automatically. These plugins require one-time setup only. #1 SEO Smart Link Premium
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