We recently moved our entire Elmastudio WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS. To be honest we should have done this change a long time ago. Of course our contact form and shop pages were already HTTPS and we had the SSL certificate. But since I didn’t want to make any mistakes moving our entire website, I was afraid to make the move. In the end the change was much easier and quicker than expected and with a few helpful tips everything went super smoothly. In case you haven’t made the move to HTTPS yet, you should really start to get prepared. It is really recommended that every website or blog uses HTTPS. If you still ask yourself why, then here are some good reasons: All data is secure (e.g. information submitted via a contact forms). Builds trust with your website visitors. HTTPS is required by law for forms (e.g. contact forms) in some countries like Germany. Improves your Google search ranking result rankings. Optimizes website speed. 1. The SSL Certificate The first thing you need to move your website to HTTPS is a SSL certificate. You can purchase this certificate for a few dollars through your hosting provider. If you have multiple sub domains and you also want to
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