In order to build a successful paid membership community with a discussion area, you may want to restrict access to some content areas, based on a subscriptions plan. If you use both Paid Member Subscriptions and Profile Builder Pro, you have to know that bbPress is fully integrated with both of them, and you can extend user profiles with the bbPress add-on. How to use bbPress Add-on for Paid Member Subscriptions bbPress is an Advanced add-on, available with Paid Member Subscriptions Hobbyist or Pro license only. In order to make sure the bbPress add-on is working, you’ll need to follow the documentation page and install the following plugins: Paid Member Subscriptions – version 1.6.0 or higher Both plugins are shortcode-based and easy to setup and to continue, I won’t enter any specific steps, but in case you need help with the installation part of the plugins, you can read the documentation: bbPress / Paid Member Subscriptions. How to restrict bbPress Forums based on membership subscription Firstly, after installing both plugins you will need to create some subscription plans if you don’t have them already up and running on your website. Furthermore, let’s
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