Content is an important part of a website. To make a site informative and to reach people, we cannot ignore the importance of content. However, based on different situations you may need to restrict the content of your site. For instance, you may want to build a photography website where the photographer will upload their photos for selling. What will happen if the photos are accessible to all users? Instead of purchasing photos the users will download them easily without paying. To avoid such problem you can restrict the content of your WordPress website using WP User Frontend Pro plugin. For example, keep the page content visible for only paid subscribers. In this blog, we will discuss the content restriction feature of WP User Frontend Pro and how it helps to restrict content on your site. How to Restrict Content Using WP User Frontend Pro WP User Frontend Pro has content restriction feature. With the plugin installed, you can start restricting access to your posts and pages, making them available based on your selected option (e.g: Logged in users only). If you have WPUF & WPUF Pro installed on your site, then edit or add a new post or page, you will find the content restriction
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