If you’re doing business, you’ll quickly run into contracts. Written contracts just make good business sense, whether you’re providing services to clients or selling products to customers. Consultants, freelancers, web developers – all kinds of businesses benefit from written agreements and provide some certainty for both partners. Some of those benefits include a reduced risk of disputes, a better outcome and lower costs when disputes do occur, and more certainty in the transaction. Each party knows exactly what their obligations are, and what happens when they don’t perform those duties as they promised they would. Yet, written contracts can often be a bit intimidating for small business owners and freelancers. To make the contract creation and execution process easier, many business owners turn to a third-party contract tool or SaaS application. However, these services usually charge recurring monthly fees. They’re also hosted on someone else’s server, which can raise tricky questions of security and confidentiality. Instead, why not sign your contracts with electronic signatures right on your own WordPress site? Why signing contracts in
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