In late 2016 we were looking into ways we can increase revenue for our WP RSS Aggregator plugin. As part of this research, I came across the idea of cart recovery. This is the process of recovering abandoned carts through follow-up emails. An abandoned cart is when a customer adds one of your products to their cart, but never finalises the payment. We were noticing that cart abandonment was higher than we wanted it to be (isn’t it always?), so we wanted to fix that. We asked and looked around for the right solution to fit in with EasyDigitalDownloads, the e-commerce system we use to sell our plugins. A few days later we came into contact with Beka Rice from Jilt on the Post Status slack chat. She introduced us to their product, Jilt cart recovery, and what it can do for us. Her enthusiasm and clarity definitely helped us choose whether to opt for Jilt or not, especially since it’s a product that is still growing and maturing. We saw this as an advantage. We’d have an opportunity to be involved in an evolving product, and we did. I won’t go into exactly how Jilt works, you can follow their own full tour here to understand that. Over $10,000 in recovered sales,
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