These days, businesses can’t run without great software. No one knows this better than all of us at Easy Digital Downloads. After all, building awesome software to help businesses succeed online is exactly what we do. Every aspect of our business requires great software and every application matters. When it comes to impact though, there’s not much that does more for us than Slack. Everything happens in Slack. We live in Slack. Our team is constantly communicating via this powerful, real time team chat app. Whether it be holding virtual meetings, collaborating on support problems, coaching colleagues through development challenges or even simply motivating and entertaining each other, everything happens in Slack. The importance of communication within a business cannot be understated. However, Slack offers a heck of a lot more than just a place for us to pound out messages to one another on our keyboards, no matter how much we appreciate that. With this software we can exchange files, jump on live calls, set task reminders and provide team members with all kinds of real time, automated updates from numerous other applications. Considering our deep appreciation for this program,
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