Abandoned carts play a major role in lost revenue for most ecommerce stores. When customers put a product in their cart and then leave the website without checking out, it can leave businesses wondering what wasn’t up to scratch and how can they get the customer to reconsider making the purchase again. While there are many factors that play into why customers abandon their carts, a productive use of time is for businesses to start attempting to recover those abandoned carts as soon as possible. Leave customers too long and they may forget what or why they were purchasing in the first place, or they may go somewhere else to buy the product. One of the best and most efficient ways to engage with customers to get them interested in revisiting their cart is to send them an abandoned cart recovery email. With these emails the business simply reaches out to the customer and lets them know their product is still waiting in their cart and it’s ready for them to continue the checkout process. But, most ecommerce businesses don’t have the time to be sending out abandoned cart recovery emails all day; it could be extremely time consuming depending on how many abandoned carts
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