This is the last episode before we retire the podcast. Many people have enjoyed the podcast and we’ve had a lot of great feedback and a lot of fun, so we’ve been asked why we’re retiring. Ultimately, we just needed to make a change and it’s time to move on. Be sure to listen to hear about how things have changed over the past couple of years and why those changes have led to us retiring the show. For our last episode, we’ve decided to answer some of our listeners’ questions. Some of the highlights of the show include: Regrets that Brad and Pippin have had regarding not building a plugin they’ve had an idea for. Why it’s important for companies to start new projects frequently. Advice Brad and Pippin wish they could give their younger selves when it comes to development, projects, and processes. Some thoughts on pricing: How data, psychology, and strategy play into it. Takeaways Brad and Pippin have learned that have come about by sharing business ideas with others. Thoughts on hiring developers and setting salaries. Links and Resources:
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