If you are like me, you have a fair number of affiliate links. In fact, that is a large chunk of our income here at BobWP. And if you do this, it’s best to have a way to manage and change them easily. If you are already using WooCommerce, you can sell affiliate products and services just like you do with your own stuff. In fact, if you look at our shop page, that is exactly what we are doing there. If you create a new product, you can choose External/Affiliate product as an option and you will get these settings: You can see here how I have set up this affiliate link on a product page. I have chosen to make a note that it is sold on another site. You can customize the text in the button and I could have done that, but it makes for a long button that isn’t so mobile friendly. So I simply put buy in the button. Easy, right? Now this may not be the ideal way of selling affiliate products on your site, and that’s probably another post entirely. But if you are doing it this way, and also adding affiliate text links within posts, and doing a lot of them, there’s another piece you may be missing. Managing Your Affiliate Links If you are using affiliates a lot, it can
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