Today, we’re publishing an interview with another great WordPress entrepreneur, Mike Stott, Founder of Epic Plugins, Epic Themes and co-founder of Zero Bullsh*t CRM. Mike, thanks for agreeing to do this interview! Why don’t we start off by getting to know you a bit – what is your background? Thanks for interviewing me! My background isn’t computer science or web development, but I did do all the computer programming modules that were on offer as part of my BSc. Then my MSc was in Applied Numerical Analysis, which was using mathematical programming to “solve” real world problems. This got me hooked. From my MSc, I went into Actuarial Science while building side projects using WordPress in my spare time. I started selling my “creations” (plug-in features of my side projects) on CodeCanyon back in 2012. They sold, and I got better at developing for the web and went on to develop 27+ WordPress Plugins, 6+ WordPress Themes and most recently co-develop and co-founded a CRM platform running on WordPress (which has 17+ extensions). These extensions are WordPress Plugins. So I can say I’m pretty experienced now. What was your first encounter
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