Hey friends, it’s time for another chat with some interesting WordPress people! But here’s the twist, today’s is a double interview, or a “mirror interview”! Yes, you’re getting two for the price of one. This formula came to our minds some time ago but it is only now that we managed to get it done. It means that, for every single question, you’re going to get two answers from our gracious interviewees. So, don’t miss Petya Raykovska and Jenny Beaumont talking about their contributions to the WordPress community, their projects, non-WordPress activities, and other fun stuff. But before we dive into this double-dose interview, make sure to check out our previous talk with Brad Touesnard, the founder of Delicious Brains. Petya and Jenny have many things in common: they work as project managers at Human Made, get involved in local and major WordCamps, and have both left a big mark on the way the overall WordPress community has grown lately. If you’re a regular attendee at WordCamp Europe, there’s a high chance you’ve already met at least one of them! Jenny and Petya both have plenty of technical knowledge, but their communication
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