Sometimes you really want to show your form submissions on the front-end. There’s quite a few use-cases if you think about it. What if you wanted to add a type of comment form to a page or section of your site? What if you are taking RSVPs for an event and want to highlight all the great people coming to the event? Putting all those submissions hidden away in wp-admin makes it hard to do those things. Caldera Forms is my go-to form creation tool, and it happens to have some pretty straight-forward ways to query the entries in the backend and do pretty much whatever you like with them. The Matt Turns 40 Extravaganza I’m turning the big FOUR-OH this year. Rather than one event, I wanted to allow my friends and family to come to any of several events I’m doing over my birthday weekend. I could have created multiple Evite invitations, but that would have been a real pain for folks to follow multiple links for roughly 8 events over the course of a weekend. I’ve said many times: “if it can be built on the web, it can be built with WordPress.” So I went to work making this weekend Extravaganza invite happen with Caldera Forms. You can see the results here.
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