In October 2017, the most popular SMTP plugin “Postman SMTP” having 100k+ active installs, was removed from the WordPress repository due to an XSS vulnerability. This news was spread like a fire in the jungle. The removal of the plugin was not just because of the vulnerability but due to the fact that it was not updated in the last sixteen months and was not compatible up to WordPress 4.4. Some security researchers even tried to contact the plugin’s author but they were unsuccessful. Jason Hendriks, the man behind the plugin, did an excellent job for the WordPress users but later he also was unable to maintain the plugin. For being an active user of the plugin and WordPress developer, I decided to fork the plugin so that all the hard work done by Jason cannot go to the garbage. I have named the fork as “Post SMTP Mailer/Email Log”, you can find the entire source code on Github. You can also get it from the WordPress repository. Within a few days, the Post SMTP plugin got more than thousands of active installs. Anyhow, let me take you to a step-by-step guide on setting up Post SMTP WordPress plugin with Gmail/Google Apps and 0Auth so that Postman SMTP users
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