You’ve been working for months on your digital product and the release date is getting close. At this point it’s very frustrating to realize, that setting up a website, finding the right payment gateway for your customers, and dealing with all the taxes & invoicing will be much more complicated than you’ve anticipated. Every country has different laws and if you are located in or you are selling to EU, you have to collect the taxes at a rate defined by that country and also pay your taxes to local authorities. This is not a good solution for small to medium businesses. However, not complying means you’re at risk that the taxmen knock on your door any day. Are you willing to take that risk? We’ve been in the same situation a year ago with our theme shop business, ProteusThemes. Fortunately, after months of research and of trial & error, we’ve finally connected the dots and found a solution that works exceptionally well. FastSpring acts as merchant of record. On the paper, they sell your product, so they are responsible for sending the invoices to buyers. FastSpring allows your customers to pay using their credit card, PayPal or even less common
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