Hi could you tell us a little about yourself and background? I have a background in the banking industry, but since a few years I’m mainly involved in online marketing, SEO and web development. I’m the founder and CEO of Array Internet which is a media company based in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Our most successful project is MH Themes, which is an established and popular brand providing premium WordPress themes for online magazines, news websites and advanced blogs. When did you first stumble upon WordPress? Years ago I started a few online magazines to experiment with online marketing and SEO. That was when I learned about WordPress the first time and it quickly became my first choice for running my online magazines. It’s very impressive how WordPress has evolved over the years, now running more than 28% of the web. What product / website of yours are you most proud of and why? I’m definitely most proud of MH Themes. It has been an incredible journey so far and when I launched this brand back in 2012 I would never have imagined that we one day would have more than 20,000 customers from around the world. It’s awesome and very rewarding to see what great
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