Are you thinking of selling your plugin? Did someone offer you money to put a link to their sites in your readme or wp-admin settings page? STOP. THINK. BE CAUTIOUS. I’m sure most of you are aware of the recent bad behaviour that’s gone on with regards to unscrupulous people purchasing plugins and using them to leverage malware, spam, and backdoors. While we would never tell you that it’s wrong to sell the plugins (they’re yours after all), we do want to help you recognize the warning signs of a bad-faith purchase. Above all, if anything in the process makes you nervous and feel like something is wrong, call the deal off. You can email us at and we can help vet the buyer for you. But remember this: The primary reason people want to buy ‘popular’ plugins is to use it to spam. Signs To Watch Out For Here are some basic red-flags: You get an unsolicited email that reads like a generic form The offer includes different prices based on how many people use the plugin (i.e. $500 for every 1000 users) The amount offered seems to be rather high ($50,000 USD for a plugin) The offer comes from a company who claims to be purchasing a ‘suite’
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