I recently attended WooConf, a 2 day event in Seattle for WooCommerce developers. One of the topics was around scaling WooCommerce. This is an issue with some debate around it, because there are still challenges in the infrastructure of the plugin that are difficult to overcome. I had the pleasure of chatting with Patrick Garman of Mindsize, who has worked with eCommerce companies that have done incredible scale. To give you an idea of the scale, here are some ballpark figures from eCommerce projects he has been involved with: 100,000 orders per day Over 1 million daily pageviews Hundreds of millions in yearly revenue Those numbers are pretty incredible. Mo Scale, Mo Problems Some of the sites Patrick has worked on have been doing 10 orders per second, sustained over long periods of time. When you get to that size, things start breaking that you never expected. For example, Patrick told me about the time a single person using a coupon brought down the whole site. He talks about when one site had so much traffic, it brought their server to it’s knees. He had to quickly find something to bring the site back up, and he ended up using a queue service that basically made people wait
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