Security Haiku: WordPress 4.8.3

WordPress Halloween.
We patch the tricks, 4 8 3
You get the treats. Boo!

There is nothing spookier than a WordPress security release, the 4.8.3 patch addresses an SQL injection vulnerability in WordPress core which could be exposed by insecure coding practices found in some plugins. This release hardens the WP Core code to protect the sites who may harbor an insecure SQL query that trusts user input, sanitizing the input before it’s passed along to the database server.

More information on this release can be found on the WordPress blog,  details on the changes and how it modifies the return value of of esc_sql() have been posted by Gary Pendergast on the Make WordPress Core developers blog.

Thanks goes out to the reporter of the vulnerability (Anthony Ferrara) for working with the WordPress security team. And a special acknowledgement to our own Arman Zakaryan for the Haiku this time around.

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