“Working remotely sounds amazing. You’re so lucky you get to work from home every day!” That’s the kind of feedback I get from most people when I talk to them about my job. Not to say that working from home doesn’t have it’s perks. It certainly does, and most days I’m more productive, more relaxed and happier than I ever was working a 9-5. But it comes with its own unique set of challenges… Many of the WordPressers I’ve met at WordPress Meetups and WordCamps over the years work remotely. More and more teams are following the path that WordPress’ parent company Automattic has set and are moving in the direction of entirely remote teams. At the same time, plenty of you are in relationships with boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives and partners who have a more static professional life. And when you’re trying to build a life with somebody who maintains a distinctly different lifestyle, things can get messy. These potentially clashing lifestyles can present a few challenges. When two people maintain different lifestyles while trying to fit them together, it hardly ever happens seamlessly. It can bring missed connections,
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