It’s been three months since I last looked at the WordPress Gutenberg editor, so I thought it was time to revisit. The last version I tried was version 0.4. It’s moved on quite a bit since then. We’re now on to version 1.4. What’s new in Gutenberg? Here are some of the changes I’ve noticed from my previous try-out: Blocks have the Open Settings menu represented by three vertical dots, which opens up a submenu. The small cog icon now does something! It opens up the inspector with a Block settings panel. This lives next to the Document settings in the sidebar. There’s the option to change between visual and text mode in a block represented by a small HTML button. Paragraph text blocks can now have text and background colours. These changes affect the whole block. There’s no way to recolour single words or text selections. Text size can be changed with a slider or an increment/decrement control. Images can now be resized as well as aligned. (The centre alignment seemed to be broken, though). A number of new blocks including a Verse block and a Columns block which can have up to four columns. A Classic Text block has also been added which simulates
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