The fact that WordPress powers up approximately 28% of the entire internet isn’t a coincidence. It’s a platform that is always in a constant state of development and improvement. If you’re one of WordPress’ many users, it’s vital for you to keep tabs on its evolution – otherwise, you might lose your edge over the competition. Fortunately, there’s a vast community built around the platform. This means it’s easy to keep up with its latest developments. Simply keep an eye on your favorite WordPress blogs, and you won’t miss a thing. In this article, we’re going to talk about three of the latest developments in the world of WordPress, and what they might mean for its future. Let’s dig in!’s Features Are Becoming Closer to Its Self-Hosted Sibling has long been a beginner-friendly platform, and now it’s starting to branch out. Historically, has remained mostly a blogging platform, even while its big self-hosted brother has moved onwards. However, during 2017 they decided to finally let some of their premium customers install custom plugins and themes on their sites. In a
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