Do you want to drive more traffic to your web? So do I! That's why we created Nelio Content, a new plugin that automates content promotion in social networks. Want to know more? Gutenberg! The future editor of WordPress that will help us write posts, create beautiful layouts and finally get rid of the infamous page builders. Well, at least that’s what they’ve promised us, because even though it looks very nice, it’s still pretty green. If you don’t know anything about the project (are you serious?), there’s plenty of reviews out there discussing the pros and cons of it. The Gutenberg review at WPLift is a pretty good introduction to the project: Gutenberg offers a completely different take on the default WordPress Editor. Instead of one long input box that basically acts the same as a Word document, the Editor is now broken up into individual blocks. One block may contain several paragraphs of text, another an image, and another a button. So and so on. (…) I think Gutenberg is an improvement for casual users who like to write their content in the WordPress Editor. But as someone who writes and uploads multiple posts per day from Google Docs, I don’t
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