I was at a networking meeting recently and we were discussing time management. As we dove into the topic, outsourcing was mentioned multiple times. Businesses around the world are hiring freelancers and outsource companies to perform more and more tasks. These include admin, research, accounts, web development, programming, scheduling, social media and much more. As the conversations went on, it became surprisingly apparent that some people feel that outsourcing costs too much. People believed they were saving money by doing as many, if not all of the tasks themselves. Businesses are choosing to put their own time and resource into tasks that could be quickly dealt with externally. So, are they onto something? Is doing it yourself more cost effective for business? Short on time? Watch the video here: Outsourcing In Your Agency Within agency life you can find yourself taking on everything, be it administration or invoicing etc, you take on them all. Now that would be a good thing if you excel at all of these things. However a lot of the time, the things we are doing are not things that: we are experts in excite us we do with passion we can complete quickly and efficiently By doing an
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