Just a few days ago, we returned from WordCamp Bucharest where our team members switched various hats: support the event as Gold Sponsors present the TranslatePress project to the WordPress community attend the conference and listen to the interesting talks Sponsoring a WordCamp Building brand awareness Just one month after the launch, this was the very first moment when TranslatePress was about to have face to face interactions with WordPress users. The plugin is still in its early stage of growth and it was perfectly normal for the attendees to be curious about it, test it, break it and raise questions because most of them did not hear about it before prior to this event. This curiosity mixed with the fact that TranslatePress has a completely different approach from all other translation solutions (more on that later), plus the fact that our pop-up banner had a fairly large size, encouraged people to visit our booth. We were a total of five people there, and at least three of us were always around, to answer questions, display the demo and offer guidance. Connecting with the WordPress community As always, we were impressed by the openness of the WordPress community members, as each
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