Building a WordPress-based product business is a much different process than it used to be. People have to do something different and better than what has come before. This article is a member contribution from Scott Bolinger. Scott is the founder of Holler Box and the co-founder of AppPresser. The WordPress economy is changing, and many businesses are feeling it. The market is maturing, and customers are behaving differently. It’s happening slowly, but I think everyone realizes things are changing. Often this change has been discussed in terms of hosts and agencies, but let’s talk about products. I just read an article on Indie Hackers about MH Themes, a premium theme shop that started in 2013. They describe a hard-fought journey to a solid $30K in monthly revenue, but they have noticed big changes in the market since they started. The author, Michael Hebenstreit, puts it this way: Back in 2013 it was much easier to launch a WordPress theme and make it somewhat popular. Today the market for WordPress themes has become heavily crowded and oversaturated. It’s near to impossible to make a theme highly successful without investing lots of time and money in marketing and
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