It’s inevitable in any business that some users will not be satisfied with what you are able to provide for them, or may become a drain on you or your business in other ways. While I always try to err on the side of caution instead of assuming a customer is to blame, sometimes problematic users happen. Running your WordPress plugin business or commercial themes shop is hard enough without needing to worry about problem users. Sometimes, especially early on, you may feel that you don’t have the luxury of choosing which clients you do not want to work with. While that’s understandable, I’d challenge the notion by asking yourself if the extra hassle and headache of a problem user is worth your time over finding a better client to partner with. If there’s even a chance that it’s not, for your own sanity, I would go with the latter. What kind of behavior from users justifies ending your partnership with them? While there are certainly more criteria than what I have listed here, and differences in criteria for commercial plugins and themes versus services, the criteria below are almost universally applicable. These kinds of users are almost never worth
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