In this article, we will continue to explore the load speed of the WooCommerce-based online stores and look for the ways to maximize the load speed by cache plugins. We have briefly reviewed all of the most popular plugins for WordPress and selected three plugins that have shown the best results in our research. Caching methods used by the plugins Overall caching of the entire page This caching method creates a completely cached html page that is displayed to users instead of dynamic page generating. This significantly reduces the load on the database, since virtually all queries are cached. It is usually possible to disable caching for the authorized users of an online store. The flaw of this method is the dynamic elements, such as the cart in the online store. It is displayed via the substitution method after loading through Javascript, which means that the cached version of the cart with zero products appears first, then it is almost unnoticeably replaced by the cart full of the products, selected by the user. The problem lies in this “almost unnoticeable” change, as at a low Internet speed or at a high load on the site, this flashing is very noticeable and distracts
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