Welcome to the 32nd edition of our monthly transparency report (for September 2017). This series is about what’s been going on in the business and behind the curtains – our plans, strategies, challenges and learnings. Click here to see the previous reports. 1. We sold the Ad Blocker Notify plugin | 2. New plugins joining the family | 3. Is recurring revenue the way to go? | 4. Making sure your flagship product is rock solid | 5. On conferences and value September was a busy month for us in terms of growing the business, shifting some things away, and overall re-focusing ourselves on long term planning and taking action accordingly. To that tune, we did two major things in September: we first sold one of our plugins, and then acquired three new ones. As you can tell, this edition of the transparency report will be somewhat acquisition-heavy, but months like that don’t happen very often so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Plus, there’s more: 1. We sold the Ad Blocker Notify plugin Ad Blocker Notify was a plugin particularly dear to us. Even though that might sound odd considering that we handed it over, but bear with me: This plugin wasn’t our original creation.
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