At Yoast, we organize a company-wide user testing session each month, where we ask our employees to take a look at a product or feature. On October 12th we focused on user-testing Gutenberg. We did this to gain a better understanding of how different users work with Gutenberg. This knowledge is sure to help us in our own contributions to the Gutenberg project. Today we’re publishing the test results for reference. We will discuss these outcomes with the Gutenberg team and create issues on the Gutenberg repo for the things that need fixing. We hope others will be inspired by this document to organize their own user tests around Gutenberg. Fixing some of these usability issues isn’t even that difficult, but they have to be found in the first place. We have to keep looking. And when we do, we can make sure Gutenberg becomes the best web content editor around! We gathered 40 people of diverse backgrounds and technical experience, from absolute beginners to experts and WordPress contributors, and divided them up into teams of two, who were tasked with recreating this post from The Next Web in Gutenberg v1.4.0. We chose that post because it has a bit of everything; It contains
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