We’re happy to interview Kobe Ben Itamar from Freemius, as part of our series on WordPress SaaS founders: Weglot SaaSy. Q#1: What is your background, what should our readers know about you? My educational background started with an academic degree in Linguistics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I specialized in dead Semitic languages like Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic and Ge’ez, as well as several ones that are still spoken nowadays like Neo Aramaic, Arabic and Amharic. I really enjoy learning new languages and the whole subject intrigues me, so I got to learn a few more non-Semitic languages as well, like Portuguese, English, Spanish and a few others with varying levels of knowledge. Another interesting thing about my life choices is the fact that my wife, my baby daughter, and I had just recently moved to the south of the country and became part of a collective community. We’ve been living here for the past two months and things are looking great, so far. Really happy about this decision to share our lives together with a larger group of people, working together for a greater cause. When I think about it, there are some similarities between this community and
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