I’ve spent the last three months deep in the weeds of WordPress security. As regular readers will know, this is because I’m working on a new course: WordPress Security With Confidence (it’s coming out in two weeks). Part of this research has involved talking to a lot of WordPress security experts. Some of these experts focus on the big picture, whilst some focus on extremely specific aspects. As a whole they offer an incredible depth of knowledge about how WordPress security works, what’s important, and what we should all be focusing on. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting in this diverse mix of perspectives. I talked to people from S-brands like Sucuri, SiteGround, SiteLock, and SecuPress. (I prefer brands whose first letters are in the second half of the alphabet. ;p) To give you a quick sense of topics: these cover everything from convincing clients to think about security, why your WordPress site shouldn’t have a username and password, and how WordPress itself deals with security fixes. WordPress Security With Confidence will includes hours of screencasts of me talking about security concepts, and showing you how to implement them in WordPress
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