This story is featured in Time, Engadget and a Top 10 Most Read on Medium. What The Hell Was Megadeth, Arizona? 20 years ago today, the first website for a band debuted in cyberspace “The music industry’s first runaway hit on the web” — Interactive Age This is the story of how an unlikely threesome—a girl, a heavy metal band and their fans — pioneered the web at its infancy, bucked the status quo and proved that the Internet wasn’t a fad. It’s 1994. I’m working at Capitol Records in Hollywood, California. Pulp Fiction was about to hit the box office and infiltrate pop culture with its timeless lines, some the music industry should have noted: “Look, do you wanna play blind man? Go walk with the shepherd. But me, my eyes are wide fucking open.” —Jules Winnfield The #1 song was “The Sign” by Ace of Base. They saw the sign and it opened up their eyes. Prince wouldn’t be partying for another 5 years. And for the record business — well, they didn’t have anything to complain about. They printed money selling shiny plastic discs and virtually controlled everything from record stores to radio
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