Continuing the tradition of testing new versions of WordPress in the very first place—today, I am going to test and highlights the features of WordPress 4.9 (beta 1). Although, it is expected that the final version of WordPress 4.9 will be released in the mid of November 2017. WordPress 4.9 beta 1 is now available to get acquainted with the new features. The WordPress Core Team mainly focused on user experience by improving the following WordPress 4.9 features. WordPress 4.9 Features With WordPress 4.9, users will be able to save theme customizations made using Customizer. It will also create a unique URL of the new preview that can be shared with anyone without requiring a login access to the WordPress admin dashboard. This will help in reviewing and approving the theme customizations for the respective client. WordPress 4.9 is also going to provide a scheduled publishing for theme customizations. This feature will come handy to update when you have a very less traffic on the website. Improved Theme Browsing Experience in Customizer With WordPress 4.9, you will experience an improvement in the Theme Switcher tab within Customizer. WordPress Core Team has separated the installed
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