1.2 (and 1.2.1) : Resolve block conflicts when editing a block post in the classic editor. Gutenberg’s strict content validation has helped identify formatting incompatibilities, and continued improvements are planned for future releases. Add word and block count to table of contents. Add support for meta attributes (custom fields) in block attributes. This allows block authors to specify attributes to live outside of `post_content` entirely. Allow Gutenberg to be the default editor for posts with blocks and add links to classic editor. Accessibility: add landmark regions. Add metabox placeholder shell. Other changes: Add crash recovery for blocks which error while saving. Hide Sidebar panels if the user doesn’t have the right capabilities. Refactor PostTaxonomies to use ‘withApiData’. Create ‘withApiData’ higher order component for managing API data. Make casing consistent. Allow toolbar wrapper to be clicked through. Support and bootstrap server-registered block attribute schemas. Shift focus into popover when opened. Reuse the tabbable utility to retrieve the tabbables elements in WritingFlow. Change placeholder text on button. Persist the sate
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