With this release Gutenberg allows you to make edits and tweaks to the HTML of individual blocks, without having to hunt for the relevant code in the full document view. Redesigned the header area of the editor for clarity—groups content actions in the left, and post action in the right. Group block settings (delete, inspector, edit HTML) on an ellipsis button. Added new reusable Dropdown component. Show frequently used blocks in the inserter shortcuts (at the bottom of the post). Other changes Offer option for the button block to clear content. Refactor block toolbar component in preparation for some iterations (docked toolbar, for example). Allow partial URLs in link input. Avoid using state for tracking arrow key navigation in WritingFlow to prevent re-renders. Improve mobile header after design cleanup. Add focusReturn for Dropdown component. Updated Audio block markup to use figure element. Removed transition on multi-select affecting the perception of speed of the interaction. Show Gallery block description even if there are no images. Persist custom class names. Merge initialization actions into a single action. Fix scroll position when reordering blocks. Fix case where
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