This release includes long awaited meta-boxes support (needs testing!), improves the writing flow with tweaks to block navigation, adds the ability to insert blocks between other blocks quickly, and groups block level actions in a proper menu. It also makes Gutenberg the default editor if you have the plugin activated—a “Classic Editor” plugin to disable Gutenberg is also ready for testing. Set Gutenberg as the default editor (still allow creating new posts in Classic Editor). Add metabox support—this is an initial pass at supporting existing meta-boxes without intervention. Display inserter button between blocks. Improve block navigation performance. Hide core namespace in comment serialization. wp:core/gallery becomes wp:gallery. Implement a dropdown for Publish flow. Allow multiselect to work on shift-click. Insert new block from title on enter. Other changes Use a dropdown for the block menu (settings, delete, edit as HTML). Add expandable panel for post visibility. Add expandable panel for post scheduling. Implement more inline formatting boundaries. Better clearing of block selection. Show placeholder hint for slash autocomplete on new text blocks. Remove
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