This week's release has a focus on the writing experience: reducing the visual weight of blocks, improving the behaviour of keyboard interactions, moving the block toolbar to a docked position at the top of the interface, and several little tweaks to the design that cumulatively should have a significant effect on the editor feeling. It also includes the ability to convert a classic block (post) into several gutenblocks at will. This is a very big release so, please, help us test it! Move the block toolbar to the editor's top header. This experiment seeks to reduce the presence of UI obscuring content. Alternate style for block boundaries and multi-selection. Also engages "edit" mode when using arrow keys (hides UI). Complete rework of arrow keys navigation between blocks—faster, clearer, and respects caret position while traversing text blocks. Added keyboard shortcuts to navigate regions. Implement multi-selection mode using just arrow with shift keys and support horizontal arrows. Suggest a post format for additional blocks (embeds, gallery, audio, video) and expand on the heuristics to include case of one format-block at the top plus a paragraph of text below as
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