1.3 : Add an opacity range slider to the cover image block. Offer the option to convert a single block to an HTML block when conflicting content is detected. Persist recently used blocks through sessions. Added support for pasting plain text markdown content and converting to blocks. The block inspector groups features and settings in expandable panels. Accessibility improvements to the color palette component. Added a “feedback” link in the Gutenberg side menu. Other changes: Use expandable panels for advanced block features (class name and anchor). Removed touch listeners from multi select. Added block descriptions to blocks that didn’t have them. Allow stored values to be updated with new defaults. Refactor image block to use withApiData and fix issues with .tiff images. Clean up non inline elements when pasting inline content. Remove unused code in BlockList component. Added “transform into” text to block switcher. Fixed sidebar overflow causing extra scrollbars. Fixed multi-select inside new scroll container. Fixed image block error with .tiff image. Fixed the content overflowing outside the verse block container. Fixed issues with sticky quick toolbar
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