For background, WordPress, which I love, but bless its heart, for some reason still supports PHP 5.2, which hasn't had security support forever. I'm pretty passionate that if WordPress wants to be the serious application platform we all want to claim its become because REST API, than dropping support for PHP5 in core, is an important signal to the developer community that developer experience is going to be prioritized. Also, I pride myself on really tweaky bug reports and patches. My favorite is the patch I wrote to reduce the loops that run when metadata is saved from 4 to 2. That or some inline documentation updates in \WP_Query. Also, I'm experimenting with acceptance testing using Ghost Inspector, which is a really cool name for a SaaS. They give you a really simple looking way to record and run acceptance tests and I think using this tool will be easier to set up and maintain then learning/deploying/using Selenium, which I'm sure they are using. But, this isn't about acceptance testing with Ghost Inspector. I'll report back on that once I figure that out, either here or on Torque. Anyway, this post is about how I registered a widget, inside an an anonymous function, using an anonymous
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