The third annual WooConf, the official conference for WooCommerce, is underway today. It started off with a keynote by Todd Wilkens, Head of WooCommerce, providing an overview of the project’s accomplishments over the past year and a preview of what’s to come. When the crowd was asked to guess how much in sales WooCommerce stores would generate this year, guesses ranged from $10M to $1B. According to Wilkens, WooCommerce stores will collectively generate more than $10B in sales this year and says the figure could be as high as $15B. WooCommerce extension sales are expected to generate more than $30M. Wilkens thanked and acknowledged the 616 contributors working on the platform. He then outlined three distinct user segments the company is catering too: store builders, store owners, and extension developers. These user segments are causing the company to reorganize internally and are providing the focus for features going forward. WooCommerce is used by a lot of small-to-medium sized businesses but it’s also used by businesses that generate $100M or more per year. Wilkens profiled H-E-B, a large grocery retailer in Texas that uses WooCommerce for its sister company,
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