WordPress beta releases typically don’t generate controversy but in WordPress 4.9 Beta 3, a call to action was added to the dashboard that encouraged users to install and activate Gutenberg. Members of the WordPress community raised concerns that clients may install Gutenberg and shared ways to hide the prompt from users. The negative reaction inspired some developers to create plugins that hide the prompt. WordPress 4.9 beta 3 includes a Gutenberg notification. I think this is a bad idea. This might trigger clients to try it, with bad things that can happen. If this goes in 4.9, use this code in your functions.php: remove_action( 'try_gutenberg_panel', 'wp_try_gutenberg_panel' ); pic.twitter.com/VwCo2OUtvc — Marcel Bootsman (@mbootsman) October 19, 2017 One of the primary concerns is that Gutenberg is in a high state of flux and encouraging users to create content inside of it on live sites may cause compatibility issues or adversely affect saved content in the future. “Any change to the integrity of published content and its formatting that results from changes during continued development and evolution would be unacceptable from the point that we encourage users
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