If you were already getting impatient after a two months break since the last interview, then today we have a real treat for you. This time we are going to Romania to meet a beautiful girl and a dear friend, Alexandra Draghici. She is the product owner of CaptainForm, a WordPress form builder. She is also the founder of an English learning platform in Romania called RapidulDeEngleza.ro. One of the best things about attending WordCamps is the opportunity to get to know people that share the same passion about WordPress. On one of the camps, I met Alexandra and we quickly became really good friends. So I already know how wonderful she is and I’m sure you’ll find that out soon as well. Let’s get to know her better. First of all, thank you for taking your time for the interview. Let’s start with a peek into your life. Could you tell us a bit more about your background and how you started your journey with WordPress? Firstly, thanks for the invitation and for the inspiring interview series that you are taking the time to put together! I’m a big fan of your themes and love spending time with you and Marko, even if that happens physically just a couple of times
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