WordPress has made great strides in its effort to democratize publishing, making the ability to publish content on the web accessible to a very large number of people all over the world. Today, it powers roughly 28% of the websites on the web making it the most widely used platform in the world by far in terms of market share. However, with the status of being number one comes the attention of those who wish to exploit it. In this article, we’ll look at what you can do to make your site more secure to weather the eternal storm of bad guys. Isn’t WordPress Secure Already? Just as it is not possible to secure your home 100%, no site is 100% secure. Every lock has a key which is possible to open by anyone who has something that fits the same way. That is not to say that WordPress is not secure though. As an open-source project with literally thousands of developers working on it, in it, and around it all the time, the collective effort of so many people makes it very strong because it only takes one person to find a vulnerability and report it. WordPress also has a dedicated security team responsible for making sure WordPress core is as secure as possible. The WordPress Security
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