We’ve been asked a lot by our clients over the years why Kinsta was born, how we started it, and how we got to the level at which we are now. Each company and startup has its own unique story, and personally, I love to read them because I always find a few hidden gems, tips, and how-tos we can use and apply to our own business. This article is about the lessons we learned during our bootstrapping journey, and how we turned our startup into a 7-figure business. Some of our decisions turned out to be great, while others cost us a lot of money and time. But I want to show you that it’s possible to build a profitable SaaS business even if you don’t have any connections, resources, or money. For those of you who have successfully bootstrapped a business from the ground up, some parts of this post will sound familiar and you’ll probably relate to what I’m talking about. For those of you who are just looking to start your first business, I’m going to try and show you the pros and cons of bootstrapping, what it looks like, and what worked for us. Hopefully, you’ll find something that is applicable to your business. It's possible to build a profitable
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