If you run a WooCommerce store, then you know how important it is to guide your users through to the checkout with as little friction as possible. There’s been a number of studies which indicate that fewer clicks on your store mean higher conversions. As such, it makes sense to consider showing your WooCommerce product variations on the shop page; this includes the category pages, filtered pages, and search results. This means your customers won’t have to navigate through to the single product page to select their product options, or to see if the product they require is even available. In this post, I’ll outline 2 methods to make your product variations accessible directly on the product listing pages; adding a snippet so users can select variable product options right on the shop page, and using a plugin to list variations in your shop as though they were “simple” products. Method 1: Snippet to Show Variable Product Options on the Shop Page This snippet will add the variable product attribute dropdowns into the WooCommerce shop pages, allowing us to add a variable product to cart without visiting the single product page. The result can be seen below.
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